What is Blew Glew?

The Smoker's Super Glew! Seal leaf seams, tears, & holes with ease. A safe & sanitary alternative when rolling.

Nature is watching, are you?

No matter where she’s placed, she attracts the Sun. @redrocksco 🌻

Welcome to The Story of Blew Glew TM.

This is so surreal. Exactly 2 years ago my entire livelihood changed. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was actually being prepared for my journey to become everything that I had ever dreamed about. Remember the date 7/11.
I've always loved "herb". I was the "Introducer" of the flower among my peers. It allowed me to be my natural self, so listening to some chill music and smoking a nice blunt was the way to go for me. Then I "grew up". I became a mom, a bo$$, and a wife. Apparently you aren't supposed to toke there. lol.
I was in the Corporate World for fifteen years. There's a stigma in that world that you can't enjoy herb and still be successful. The stereotypes are super lame. And then if you start adding gender, parenthood, race, sexuality, etc. in the mix;... well, you get the message. So I didn't smoke very much during that time. I had it basically narrowed down to Special Occasions. Then life changed. Flower was reintroduced to my life. This time to save my life. Medically. That was the beginning to, The Story of Blew Glew TM. Stay tuned.

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